The marketleader on the pan-european markets in steel frames en container production is Fastbuild Container. We are specialized in offering the demountable fastbuild containers which are easily assembled without the use of any tools.



All demountable containers from Fastbuildcontainer have a 10 year anti corrossion warranty, on the galvanized steel as well as on the jack rings. Rust formation is not possible because the containers are punched.


Fastbuidlcontainer works by the strict regulations of eco-management. This is an established policy which makes sure that the company takes responsibility and accepts the consequences for the enviroment and its surroundings.

Eco Profit

Eco-profit is an ecological project that focusses on integral surrounding technology. The focus is a better working enviroment, internal as well as external with as goal to realize cost reduction.


Not only the containers but also the working enviroment and processes are ceritified. Fastbuildcontianer has TUV type acceptation on the products and the factory that are satisfactory for the DIN norms, multiple ISO norms and quality requirements as they are there.

Fastbuild Container

Fastbuildcontainer is at the moment of speaking the market leader in Germany in material containers and steel frames, at the moment with over 400 employees. Furthermore, the company has gained knowledge and experience of the European markets by producing frames and windows made of stainless steel since 1967. For 35 years the company Fastbuildcontainer has been active in the production of fastbuild containers and warehouses.

The most important values for fastbuildcontainer are customer focus, trustability, punctuality and a high level of flexibility in relation to the products and the technical advice. Additionally the employees of fastbuildcontainer are trained to expertly provide advice and information.

Fastbuildcontainer is the ideal partner for steel frames on project basis. Because of the teamcombination with qualified partners, technical consultants en commercial staff it is possible to be present with the customers as well as the architects. In consulation with the customer the best standard or customized solution will be considered and built. With the help of modern technology it is possible to realise the most divergent and non-standard requests in terms of design and functionality.

  • Standard fastbuild containers are available in six sizes:
  • 3x7ft -20x7ft (1×2 meter to 6×2 meter)
  • Every unit has a height of 7ft (82,7’’,2100mm) – external
  • Every unit has a width of 7ft (82,7’’,2100mm) –external
  • The lenghts of the units differ from 3ft (43,3’’,1100mm) to 20ft (240,1’’,6100mm) externally measured.
  • The maximum weight cappacity is 3 tons or 6.600 lb. This is including the weight of the demountable container itself. For example the 10ft container, this container weighs about 370 kg and can be filled with products weighing 2600 kg so it can still be lifted with a crane.
  • Lifting the fastbuild container with a forklift truck is allowed till a maximum of 2 tons, or 4,400 lbs. A 4 way system on the floor is available for the 10×7, 13×7, 2×2, 3×2 and 4×2 standard models, this makes it possible to lift the container from all 4 sides with a forklift truck.
  • The snow load capacity is 210kg per m^2.
  • The demountable fastbuild containers have a wooden floor made of OSB 3 with a thickness of 3/4”(18mm), besides it has protection against moisture and insects.
  • The maximum carrying capacity is 500 kg per m^2
  • The maximum wind cappacity which is allowed is 160 km/h. With higher wind power the container needs to be anchored to the ground.
  • The sheet material is fully produced from recycled materials and consists of 0,8 mm thick galvanised steel.
  • The flat-packed containers are stackable to a maximum of 7 flat-packed containers for transport and a maximum of 10 flat-packed containers for storage.
  • Assembled the container can be stacked to 3 units high on outside locations and can be stacked to 4 units high in inside locations. It is required that the floor load is equally divided.
  • The containers are not welded, but the de connection points are made with the help of BTM ponses. Because of this BMT technology the galvanized surfaces are not damaged. The 10 year anti-corrosion garuantee is also applicable for these connection points.
  • Every single or double door features a cilinder lock and is comes standard with three keys. Extra safety can be realised by a special security tool bar or a new security lock.
  • The panels can be used in every situation, even in the ones where it is hard to reach. The containers can be assembled in the smallest locations and in case of damage replacing the panels is very easy.
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